“I heard about PMac Fitness through a good friend and decided to give it a go even though I was extremely busy. My main goal was to tone up and improve stamina and I wanted to have a trainer who could inspire me and who would motivate me completely. When we first started training, we discussed my aims and formulated a schedule of physical programmes. Complementing this, I was given a nutritional guide to follow, which did not just result in altering my diet but also in altering my lifestyle. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed each training session and that the results were evident within a short space of time. I recommend using PMac Fitness not only because they actually obtain the results they initially establish with you but that each session is distinct so that you never become complacent.”

DJ Spoony, 5ive Live

“The company was introduced to me through my existing gym and as I was looking for a more one-on-one experience to enhance my boxing and improve my strength. As a reasonably-fit person, I was a bit sceptical of any results as I believed that I could achieve most of my targets single-handedly. On my first consultation, we discussed my past knowledge of boxing and what my overall goals were. As the sessions progressed, my initial hesitation was short-lived as each session became more rewarding than the last. My stamina as well as my muscle tone and strength improved ten-fold as I was pushed and challenged beyond my own boundaries and I would recommend the PMac experience to anyone.”

Angie Stuart, LNG Capital (Client Relationship Executive)

“I had known of PMac Fitness for a long time but had always found it hard to commit to previous training courses, being a personal trainer myself. When I started training with Pete Maciver at PMac I weighed 102kg and within 6 weeks I had lost 10kg. He is the sort of person who gets involved with you as if you are a part of a team rather than working alone.”

Paul Ellis, Ellis Stockwell (Personal Trainer)

“I trained with Peter Maciver for 3 months and throughout our gym sessions he always highlighted the need to achieve realistic targets. Workouts were always rigorous and demanding but his words of encouragement gave me the self-belief to exceed my  psychological  barriers. He always placed emphasis on my diet as this was an area which could help or hinder my day-to- day progress. We would assess our targets on a monthly basis to show the effects of our work outs and this essentially gave me confidence in Peter as I was now aware that our sessions were working!”

Leon K-Addo, (Adidas)

“I trained with Peter Maciver for about 3 months, on and off. I really enjoyed working out with him because he was always supportive, energetic and reassuring. I was excited about every session I had with him and this was mostly because of his charismatic and positive attitude. Although I wanted to stop sometimes because of the rigorous exercises, he never let me give up and reassured me that I could do anything as long as I tried. The training with Peter was not only effective through the weight that I lost, but also through the way that I now look on working out more as a  fun activity rather than a daunting task.”

Emma Phillips, (Student)

“He is a sweet guy with an unsweet passion to push you hard. If you want results he’ll get you there, just be prepared to give 100%.”

Soundbwoy Entertainment, Recording Artist 

“We worked for a bit more than six months and I enjoyed every moment. I found you as a great trainer because you know how to push the trainee to use his full abilities and how to advance me to the next level. Your endless mix of exercises kept the sessions interesting. So, thanks again.”

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