Peter Mac – Profile

I formulated the PMac Fitness regime to allow me to share my passion and experience of exercise with my clients. I am dedicated to my profession and to share my knowledge I have devised a unique approach to fitness training which incorporates my various expertise in cardio and resistance training, boxing, nutrition and pioneering forms of exercise.

Since a young age I have been committed to exercise and was always very active playing football and tennis. It was because of this that I made the decision to build a career around fitness. I approached my education with the same level of devotion as I put into my own fitness.

Over the years I have evolved my methods towards physical fitness and am able to devise individual training and nutrition plans for my clients without any hesitation. My dynamic and innovative processes ensure that my clients never become bored or complacent. Regardless of my client’s current physical shape or exercise experience I am able to formulate a plan that will meet and surpass their expectations. The challenge of assisting a client to achieve their goals never fails to excite me and to push me to be the best.

I am a proactive person and am committed to being preeminent in my field. Therefore, further courses and acquiring new skills are important to me so I can stay at the top of my game. I took the Vibogym/power plate course to introduce another dimension to my customer’ training agenda. I also ensure that my own level of fitness is continuously being challenged and recently have taken up Bikram Yoga to cultivate an area new to myself.

I am totally devoted to ensuring that you will achieve your fitness targets by following the PMac Fitness Regime whilst being supported by one the best in the industry.

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